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Discover how EASY it is to communicate with friends and family in Shona.

In a matter of a few short and sweet hours listening to your music player or in your car radio, you can master or remaster a command of the Shona language, giving you confidence on your next phone call or trip to Zim.

What’s the difference between feeling out of the loop, out of touch with people in Zim and being able to quickly feel a part of things?

If you observe the people who enjoy their trips to Zimbabwe the most, you’ll notice something interesting.

They connect better with people in Zim.
They relate by speaking the same language.
They get good local language skills.

We’ve come up with 4 Shona language courses that many people using to connect better with their family and friends in Zimbabwe.

They are easy to use and build up your Shona language pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary through listen-and-repeat exercises.

Much like the world-renowned Pimsleur and Michel Thomas techniques for learning other languages, Learn Shona courses are based on highly proven methods that help you to remember new words and grammar easily.

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List of Learn Shona Courses & Applications

Shona for Beginners

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Shona & Homework - PC application

Shona For Youth

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